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Bamboo Wish: SM won 2022 CCFA Golden Lily




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On November 14th, at 2022 China Shopping Center & Chain Brand Development Summit held in Shanghai, 2022 CCFA Golden Lily Award for Best Practice of Marketing Innovation was officially announced. The intangible cultural heritage exhibition “Bamboo Wish” @ SM City Chengdu was listed.


As the first shopping mall in the east of Chengdu, SM City Chengdu has always adhered to inheritance and innovation. In the Spring Festival of 2022, SM City Chengdu introduced Daoming Bamboo Weaving to the customers, a national intangible cultural heritage with a history of more than 2,000 years.

From a young perspective, its installation & displays showed the unique memory elements of Chengdu city, as well as the traditional culture. It also brought series of activities to integrate with Spring Festival atmosphere, showing the collision between tradition and modernity.


Ingenious Beauty of Bamboo Weaving

In terms of the display, Xiao Yao, the inheritor of Daoming Bamboo Weaving, has created three innovative sculptures: " Firework, Firecracker, and Ties ", which are distributed in the main square and the entrance of the mall.

The bamboos exploded at the top like fireworks, the stacked bamboos looked like firecrackers, and the special-shaped bamboo strips connected families and communities like red ribbons. The traditional Chinese Red and creative bamboo pandas made the mall full of New Year vibe and Sichuan characteristics.


Youth Marketing Strategy to Encounter Surprise

SM City Chengdu cooperated with Chengdu Wenshu Temple, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and KOLs to celebrate "Laba Festival Event", "New Year's Shopping Festival", "Traditional Parade", "Bamboo DIY at Lantern Festival ", etc. Tens of thousands of people were attracted with more than 12 million media exposure.


Based on the charm of local intangible cultural heritage, this campaign expresses the expectations and wishes for Y2022. "Bamboo Wish" has naturally strengthened our emotional connection with citizens and communities. It has also inspired young people to pay more attention to traditional culture and reinvigorated traditional culture’s inheritance and innovation.

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