Initiated by SM Cares, the SM Children’s Book Reading Day is held annually in July. SM stresses the importance of reading to our life. It is a crucial channel for children to gain information outside the classroom. Since SM introduced Children’s Book Reading Day into China in 2011, SM China has become an information portal. By recommending books to children, SM expects to cultivate children’s interest in reading, guide them to take reading books as a proper approach to form a healthy value, and encourage them to explore, expand their vision and learn about different cultures in the interesting world of helpful books.

  • SM City Chengdu Little Free Library

  • SM City Chongqing Book Exchange

  • SM City Chongqing Books Donation

  • SM City Chongqing Little Free Library

  • SM City Chongqing Reading Classic Books

  • SM City Suzhou scaning code to read

  • SM City Tianjin Children's Book Reading Day

  • SM City Zichuan Parents Accompany Children to Read Books

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