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Lower Carbon for the Shared Future: SM's Green Development Path




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SM China was invited to deliver a keynote speech onthe topic of "Carbon Neutralization of China's Commercial Complexes" and was listed in the "2022 Professional Competitiveness List of China's Shopping Mall Industry", at the 20th Annual Conference of Mall China, Chengdu, November 16-18.

Mr. Ronald Allan Brosas, SAVP-Operations of SM China, delivered a speech entitled “Lower Carbon, Greener Future” at the China Commercial Complex Carbon Neutralization Development Summit, November 16. He shared SM's practices and experience in environmental protection, community welfare and green space creation in the process of business development and operation over the past 40 years.

Mr. Ronald Allan Brosas deliveredthe speech

Actions speaks louder than words. Environmental-friendly concept runs through the whole process of SM supermalls’ development and operations from energy-saving technologies in architecture design, eco-friendly space to green and healthy scenes of life, achieving a harmonious combination of commercial and natural ecology.

SM introduces multiple forms of environmental actions more on a daily basis. SM substantially reduces water consumption by water recycling and storage in rainy season, also actively works on develop renewable energy by Building Integrated PV projects. SM China has continued to join Earth Hour, Sustainable Travel Alliance and China Climate Action Week etc. to advocate daily sustainable living methods. “Trash to Cash”, plastic waste recycling program and AweSMSeas program were launched to encourage the public to gather together for environment protection.

In the future, SM China will continue to focus on the double-carbon goal and actively expand new ways of green development. 

Lower Carbon, Greener Future

On the evening of the 17th, the "2022 Professional Competitiveness List of China's Shopping Mall Industry" was officially announced. “SM METAVERSE • UNBOUNDED PLAYERS” @ SM City Zichuan was ranked as “2022 Golden Mall Award for Innovation in Marketing”.


From July to October this year, SM City Zichuan gave full play to its professional innovation advantages, and for the first time, with the concept of "Metaverse + night economy", created the “SM METAVERSE • UNBOUNDED PLAYERS” Fashion Block to promote the new retail formats and trendy lifestyle in the region.

Aiming at the demands of young customers and young families, SM City Zichuan makes full use of its own 22,000 square meters’ outdoor park to hold music festivals, KOL festivals, city camping, car boot sales, fashion shows, cosplays, pet carnivals and other activities from different dimensions, integrating F&B, children entertainment, sports, culture and other business brands, to provide diversified experiences. The three-month event attracted more than 30 medias’ attention with 14.35 million exposures.


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