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SM Xiamen Phase III is awarded as Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project




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The 17th China Commercial Real Estate Festival was held in Guangzhou on July 14th. Witnessed by the industry pioneers, SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ was awarded Golden Coordinate of "Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project".

Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project

Golden Coordinate Awards of China commercial real estate industry was issued by Winshang. Among which, Golden Coordinate of Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project was carefully selected through comprehensive data analysis, preliminary judge and in-site evaluation that conducted by industry professionals and media. The annual awards aim to discover popular projects in the market that lead the new potential of Chinese business.

SAVP of SM China-Operations, Mr. Allan received the award on behalf of SM

A bustling cluster in the heart of the city
SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ has a total construction area of over 168,000 sqms, including a commercial plaza and a hotel. Its commercial construction area is about 76,000 sqms, equipped with about 1,040 parking spaces, with a total investment of about 800 million yuan.
Located in the geometric center of Xiamen Island, SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ, SM City Xiamen (Phase I), SM Lifestyle Center (Phase Ⅱ) and Xiamen Phase Ⅳ (under construction) will be linked by one-minute skywalks to form "SM Xiamen Complex". Based on the mature business atmosphere and strong customer retention, it will create a prosperous "cluster" integrating "life, social, entertainment, service and business" and continue to attract premium customers who pursue better lifestyle & value & emotion propositions.

SM Xiamen Complex Perspective

Modern minimalist style brings dynamic changes

SM Xiamen phase Ⅲ not only has an L-shaped architectural appearance with geometric design, but also has a smooth and textured outline. As an organic connection between Phase I and Phase Ⅱ, it is embedded in the urban fabric, creating a consistent commercial center.
By integrating its special social scenes, SM Xiamen phase Ⅲ will highlight the colorful night economy and combine the minimalist lightings to highlight the building contour and outdoor scenery. While presenting the fun of wandering, it will also highlight the vitality of the city.

Facade perspective

Superior space to provide upgraded experience
Over 50% of project’s commercial construction area will be used as public areas and greenery, and the atrium will draw on natural lighting to illuminate the interior space. The functional division and escalator layout will scientifically create a comfortable passenger flow line and a transparent perspective.

Interior space perspective (planning display, does not represent the final effect)

The new SM Member Center will also emphasize the concept of interaction and people-oriented design, making the space more interesting and elegant. In the future, SM Member Center will feature a series of customized activities to start a fun journey for SM members.

Melting emotion into views, keeping pace with city
Xiamen, known as the "Garden on the Sea", is characterized by "city on the sea and sea in the city". Inspired by "mountain, sea and island", SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ’s outdoor landscape design will be in sync with the urban context, bringing green and unique waterside scenery to perfectly present the integration with mountains and islands.

Outdoor landscape perspective (planning display, does not represent the final effect)

Meanwhile, the famous sculpture artist Qin Ling will combine art and technology to dedicate a large outdoor sculpture with unique Xiamen factors for the opening of SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ. The sculpture will be as passionate and vigorous as "Flying phoenix’s feather and crown", and as elegant and peaceful as "An exquisite poem".
The sculpture is 12 meters high and 7 meters wide. Artificial intelligence algorithm will be used to calculate the phoenix flower and egret as the core language, so that it will form a new immersive experience space under the alternation of natural daylight and infrared sensor technology at night.

Outdoor sculpture perspective (planning display, does not represent the final effect)

SM Group has been rooted in Xiamen since its first entry into China, and has grown with the city for more than 20 years. SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ, as the new work of SM Group in Xiamen, will welcome new businesses, new brands, new cuisines and new experiences. We are looking forward to an upgrading commercial complex witnessing the evolution of the city.

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