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SM Group wins 8 awards at 2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards




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On June 29th, the 2022 Asia Pacific Stevie® Awards were officially announced. SM Group scooped 8 awards from over 900 nominations of 29 countries and regions. The awards were selected by a panel of more than 100 professional judges in the categories of "Marketing innovation", "Management innovation" and "Service innovation".
Among them, SM China won three silver and one bronze awards. The Silver Stevie Awards were given to SM Lifestyle Center and SM City Xiamen (referred to as "SM Xiamen") and SM City Chengdu for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Fancy Theme Campaign and Sanxingdui Culture Exhibition respectively under Innovation in Content Marketing category. 2021 Summer Color Sport Season of SM City Tianjin won a Silver Stevie under Innovation in Consumer Events. And Kiddy Carnival of SM City Jinjiang bagged the Bronze Stevie under Innovation in the Use of Events.

SM Philippine won one silver and three bronzes. SM Foundation: Spreading Social Good brought home the Silver Stevie Award under Innovation in P. R. Communication, while SM City Baguio’s Art in Bloom 2021 won a bronze. SM Buddy was awarded with two Bronze Stevies under Innovation in Social Media Marketing and Most Valuable Corporate Response categories respectively. 
Steven Tan, President of SM Supermalls, was invited to speak at the award ceremony on behalf of SM Group. ” The pandemic has dramatically reshaped the retail industry over the past 2 years. But despite all these hardships, SM supermalls learned to roll with punches and not only survive, but thrive. Here at SM, we got it all for you, today and tomorrow.”

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Fancy Theme Campaign @SM Xiamen
From Jul. to Sept. 2021, SM Xiamen, together with Tencent Animation and China Publishing Xinda Company, created China's first Tushan Fete · Fox Spirit Matchmaker Fancy Theme Tour.
The theme tour recreated the story scenes vividly and brought multiple immersive experiences such as Wishing Festival and Stage Play. It also introduced Chinese traditional culture such as national costumes, music and dance, expanding the target audience from ACG fans to the whole customer group. The campaign fully combined with new media and KOL to heat up the activities. During the campaign, the passenger flow exceeded 4.1 million people, and media promotion achieved over 5 million views.

Sanxingdui Culture Exhibition @ SM City Chengdu 

In Sept. 2021, SM City Chengdu joined hands with the National Top IP "Sanxingdui Museum", creating a culture exhibition with the theme of " Imagination Creates Superpower ", combining culture, technology and business.
The nearly-one-month exhibition has aroused extensive discussion among various groups: customer traffic during the period increased by 11% year-on-year, with more than 75 thousand visitors while the media reached an audience of about 48 million.

2021 Summer Color Sport Season @SM City Tianjin
From Jun. to Sept. 2021, SM City Tianjin brought "2021 Summer Color Sport Season " to create a fun sports season for Tianjin citizens. More than 10 large-scale sports festivals, 5 weeks of professional sports events and "Three Colors" themed sports parks were staged, allowing customers to integrate sports functional needs into interesting lifestyle and experience diverse happiness.
During the season, nearly 100,000 people participated in the event. The customer traffic and sales increased by nearly 40% year-on-year and media exposure exceeded 7 million.

Kiddy Carnival @ SM City Jinjiang
During the May Holiday in 2021, SM City Jinjiang took the unveiling of " SM Kiddy Zone" as an opportunity, and launched the themed carnival with Wulin Village and other resources. It also introduced the children play "Alice in Wonderland " to bring parent-child art designs and brought various street brand promotions.
During the period, SM City Jinjiang's customer flow increased by 26% year-on-year, the anchor tenants’ sales increased by 76% year-on-year, and the total media exposure exceeded 10 million.

About Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards:
Established in 2002, the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards is a prestigious international business awards competition that is open to all organizations in the 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.  The focus of the awards is on recognizing innovation in all its forms by outstanding international companies.

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