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SM China Wins 2020 CCFA Golden Lily Awards for Excellent Practice




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On September 3rd, 2020 CCFA Shopping Center & Chain Brands Development Summit was held in Shanghai. On its award ceremony, SM City Xiamen and SM City Chengdu were awarded 2020 CCFA Golden Lily Awards for their excellent marketing and operations practice. Ms. Vivian Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President – Marketing of SM China received the award on behalf of SM.



Ms. Vivian Chen, SAVP- Marketing of SM China received the award on behalf of SM


The 2020 CCFA Golden Lily Award for Excellent Practice Selection aims to encourage the industry to conduct business innovation, covering design, marketing, green sustainable development and solution to COVID-19 challenges. All entries are selected by jury committee at first, then through online display and vote, the finalists will be selected and finally, the public jury will select the winners according to the dimensions of originality, feasibility, perceptiveness and effectiveness. Among the strict selection, Environmental Campaign with UGLY @ SM City Xiamen won 2020 CCFA Golden Lily Award for Excellent Practice on Green Sustainability, and Fun Space @ SM City Chengdu was awarded 2020 CCFA Golden Lily Award for Excellent Practice on Innovation Sustainability. 



SM China won two 2020 CCFA Awards


As the first stop that SM Group invested in China, SM City Xiamen carried on the great tradition of SM Cares and followed sustainable philosophy to operate project and enrich lifestyle, which’s highly welcomed by customers.


In March 2019, cooperated with UGLY, a local IP, SM City Xiamen held a series of green sustainable activities as “SM China Earth Hour Plus”. UGLY IP image was designed to be friendly and adorable director and led customers to experience some vivid scenes involved nature, beauty, freedom, lives. With the interactive mechanisms such as animation video, hand-painted drawing, 3D display, creative mirror, we led the customers to have comprehensive impression of green sustainability and join the green movements.



Visual Presentation at Environmental Campaign with UGLY


Environmental Campaign with UGLY lasted 49 days, attracting more than 100, 000 online and offline visitors. The media coverages exceed 2 million times. During the period, the average daily foot traffic increased by over 10% year on year. This event has greatly empowered SM CARES with more diversity, along with Solar Panel Project, noise reduction solution and other operational initiatives.



Pop-up of Environmental Campaign with UGLY @ SM City Xiamen

Featured as one of the 1st community shopping center in the eastern area of Chengdu, SM City Chengdu has attracted a large number of loyal families. Since the development of business environment and customers’ needs, strengthening leisure and experience has become the uppermost priority of the project. Based on marketing survey, regional renovation and brand upgrade, SM City Chengdu opened a new space called Fun Space for sport, handcraft and leisure entertainment in April 2019.

Fun Space consists of the 4F north and roof area, which covers 4,645 square meters. With a large dormant window, the sunlight coverage reaches 85%, making Fun Space a place of sunlight. It is predicted to save nearly 3100 kwh electricity power every year. The KD Sport Park is located in roof area. It makes full use of the vacant roof to build two standard basketball courts, a half women's basketball court, a half street basketball court, a VIP training area and a five-person football court, which can be called the magic stroke.



 Newly-built Atrium and Part of Roof Area at Fun Space


Fun Space works as a collection of sports brands and handcraft brands, along with the introduction of a series of social events, which contributes to a popular attraction in shopping center. In 2019, the annual foot traffic increased by nearly one million on a year-on-year basis. Especially in the third quarter of parent-child consumption season, the foot traffic increased by 15% year-on-year.



2019 Halloween “Trick or Treat” at Fun Space


About CCFA

 Established in Y1997, China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) is the official representative of retailing & franchise industry in China. Currently, there are more than 1000 enterprise members with over 427,000 chain Stores, covering domestic companies, multinational retailers, franchised enterprises and suppliers.


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