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Take Root in Cities| SM China Wins 2020 Golden Coordinate of Excellent Commercial Real Estate Compan




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On August 26th and 27th, the 15th Commercial Real Estate Festival was held in Guangzhou. In Golden Coordinate Award Ceremony, based on its outstanding industry influence and professional business operation, SM China was awarded 2020 Golden Coordinate of Excellent Commercial Real Estate Company. Ms. Helen Guo, Assistant Vice President-Leasing of SM China, received the award on behalf of SM.

Award Plate



Ms. Helen Guo(the 1st  from right), AVP-Leasing of SM China received the award on behalf of SM 

Golden Coordinate Awards of China commercial real estate industry was issued by Winshang. Among which, Golden Coordinate Awards of Excellent Commercial Real Estate Company was carefully selected through comprehensive data analysis, preliminary judge and in-site evaluation that conducted by industry professionals and media. Finally, there are eleven China commercial real estate company winners, where SM China was one of them.


SM Group, which SM China is affiliated, is a large-scale cross-industry listed enterprise, covering retails, shopping center, real estate development, bank & finance, hotel & conventions. Since its beginning establishment of Shoe Market, SM Group has developed retailing experience for more than 60 years. All SM shopping centers have adopted the service-centered operation philosophy, which contributes to set a leading model in shopping center industry in Southeast Asia. Currently, SM Group possesses 81 shopping centers all around the world, which covers the GFA of 9.8 million square meters and the daily passengers flow reaches 4.2 million in total.


Since marching into China market, SM has followed the urbanization trend in China. It has successively invested 12 projects in Xiamen, Jinjiang, Chenegdu, Suzhou, Chongqing, Zibo, Tianjin and Yangzhou. Currently, there are 8 shopping malls under operation, which reaches the GFA of more than 1.5 million meter squares in total. SM ensures the unlimited potential in highly-developing regions, and confirms its development and investment in China. In June 2020, SM China won a newly-bade land for Maluan Bay New Town Project in Haicang District, Xiamen. It is estimated to start its construction in the first quarter of next year. This project aims to build up a new lifestyle city complex that made up of 140,000 meter squares.

Developmental Layout of SM China

SM China insists on providing generation-to-generation service to every citizen from each mall. Since COVID-19 spread the world in the early 2020, the shopping center industry has suffered a lot. In this case, we work together with every tenant and city to overcome all the difficulties. Our joint response to challenges involves anti-pandemic, marketing and renovation, which has greatly promoted the business recovery.


Since COVID-19 broke out in January 2020, SM China has set up a strict prevention management system to ensure the regular supply and mall safety. We donated 5 million yuan through the Red Cross to support prevention and control work and launched rent reduction policy to our tenants. A series of social marketing events were held, including Healthy Lifestyle Event, Smiling to Wuhan Welfare Event, Safe Booth for frontline team, Recording for security and cleaning workers etc. All we have done aims to build a joint and confident atmosphere to everyone in our society. In addition, SM China takes opportunities to mall renovation and brands upgrade in malls. Based on the prevision on demand change in post-pandemic era, it is significant to develop new tenant mix and provide more consumer choices.


SM Xiamen Recoveries its Operation


As COVID-19 outbreak has been under control in China, SM is taking every step to rebuild the foot traffic and traffic flow, restart the business and re-brighten the citizen’s life. Through this crisis, all SM staff has developed the anti-risk ability and resilience. History has witnessed SM operational philosophy, like “Slow but Sure” and “Last to Build”, is of high value that guide every project to make progress. SM Group will continue to develop with China, grow up with city.


About Winshang

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