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SM China Sends Books to Qiangmin School in SM Group Founder's Hometown




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SM Love Library was officially unveiled at Qiangmin School, Hongxi Village, Jinjiang City, July 31. Sir Johnson Co, General Manager of SM China, Ms. Vivian Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President-Marketing of SM China, Mr. Jinglian Shi, Headmaster of Qiangmin School and other leaders attended the ceremony.

It is the second SM Love Library developed after Nanyuanling Primary School in Nanping City, Fujian Province, in the spirit of SM Cares. In the future, SM will continuously offer more love and care than books to youth and education.

Open with Surprise and Read with Wonder
After the ceremony, the guests also give students souvenirs – blind book boxes, which consists of three books suitable for children to read and understand, seed bookmarks and WWF postcard collection, conveying the richness and kindness of reading.

Earlier this year, SM had the understanding that volumes at Qiangmin School were outdated and broken, which did not meet reading needs and temporarily could not be refreshed. After communication with the School, SM China visited the School, selected books, and raised funds to purchase over 1,600 new books. Besides, 30,000 digital book resources from SM Online Little Free Library were introduced to the School. Thereafter, the second SM Love Library developed.

The tenant "Xiamen Fan Shu Fan Deng Book Store x 22 SPACE" invited Ms. Lan Pan, a senior mentor of parent-child education, to give an interesting non-profit salon to children with "Con Mis Palabras", a picture book about nonviolent communication, to help kids learn to express themselves in polite and effective manner as well as to correctly understand and handle negative emotions in growth.

SM Cares has successively implemented SM Earth Hour events and SM Children's Book Reading Day event for thirteen years, advocating live in harmony with nature and concerning about parent-child reading. As another project of SM China's continuous practice of corporate social responsibility in China, it strives to promote the concept of delivering beauty of reading and disseminating knowledge.

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