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SM Xiamen Phase III Opened with New Brands and Art Exhibition




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SM Xiamen Complex (SM Xiamen) revealed its new member SM Xiamen Phase III (Phase III), December 18, 2022, with the art exhibition themed with “PROREGRESS”, to bring new brands, new tastes and new experiences. Composed of four phases, this urban MEGA-level complex further enhances its landmark position in Xiamen City, Fujian Province.


New Member Enlivens Business Power

Located in the geometric center of Xiamen Island and adjacent to transport hubs, Phase III lies in one of the highest-traffic trading areas in Xiamen.

SM Xiamen Phase III, with a total investment of about CNY 800 million, is composed of a shopping center and a hotel, providing nearly 167,000 square meters of gross floor area(GFA). The five-story shopping center, four above and one under the ground, has a total area of more than 115,000 square meters and a leasable area of more than 35,000 square meters. In addition, more than 1,000 parking lots in its two-story underground garage create a variety of conveniences to its consumers.

For the architectural design, to follow the urban and cultural context of Xiamen, Phase III is connected with SM Xiamen Phase I & Phase II by the crossing skywalk and corridors to operate as a veritable city-within-a-city. With its opening, SM Xiamen has formed a scale of nearly 400,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 700 tenants. Its size of trading area and diversity of business format can hit a record high. With the coming Phase IV, SM Xiamen will further enliven its business power.

Artist's Perspective of SM Xiamen Project


Brand Aggregation Brings Better Life

As an extension of SM Xiamen, Phase III shoulders the goal of upgrading brand diversity. It is positioned as "Urban Trendy Village & Emerging Social Space", and focuses more on new brands, new savor and new experience chased by Generation Z and young families.


SM Xiamen attracts more than 150 F&B tenants covering the various command of its consumers including not only food and drink, but also the meals for one or many, even different cuisines. The dining destination of Phase III is led by brand-new catering like SONG Hot-pot Factory (First Store in Fujian Province), TEPPEI MAN-MAN (the 2019-2022 edition of the Bib Gourmand selection for the MICHELIN Guide Singapore), BASAO (new-style tea drinks), ASAYAKE Teppanyaki etc.

It has a good nose of trends and introduces many fashion brands such as att-store, RuirUiruI, nshare, White Wong, ANNAKIKI, FUUNNY FEELLN. To create a one-stop parent-child joyful space, LUCKY BABIES, CARTOONY, Mad Science, Dr. TON (Babies SPA) are rolled into.

As for the entertainment, Phase III join hands with Wanda Cinema equipped with IMAX, Laifeng Comedy with many fine comic actors on-site, Grand Laser Strike Association, OCEAN STUDIO TATTOO, upgame and other leisure tenants to develop more stylish experience.

At the beginning of Y2023, it will also usher in the first store of HUAWEI MSC PLUS in Fujian - "HUAWEI Smart Home". HUAWEI MSC PLUS will have double storefronts and more than 1,000 square meters of experience scenes, covering new-energy smart transport, smart ecology, and full-scene smart-home devices. It will present HUAWEI's latest technology products, future life scenarios and interactive experience in all aspects.

Artist’s Perspective of HUAWEI Smart Home

In the future, Phase III will unveil numerous anchors like Adidas SWC Level 1, Nike Rise 1200, Fila 5G, MELAND CLUB to refresh urban business level and create better life experience to its community.


PROREGRESS: Art Exhibit in Supermall

Phase III together with multiple artists to mount an art exhibition themed with "PROREGRESS" which forms a more creative interactive scene for the customers. The exhibit consists of three chapters: Indigenousness and Exoticness, Art and Crossover, Trial and Pioneer, going on to the spring of 2023.

Consumers can see the modern artwork joint exhibit "Entrance: into the Unknown", innovative lacquer work exhibit "Great Lacquer is Beyond Shape", and a calligraphy exhibit with technical elements, which integrated the beauty of indigenousness and exoticness. Crossover artworks like sculptures "Dream-Seeking", floriculture display "Ort Cloud Flora" and Bong Ants receive warm responses from its visitors as well.

Furthermore, in collaboration of SeeekLab, Phase III expands its social attributes to build up non-profit composite exhibition "HiTree" and "Flow of the Five", taking "communication" and "self-care" as starting points, appealing to care for autism.

During December 18-19, 2022, Phase III partnered with Yundang Chamber of Commerce and Seeks Happy to gather F&B, creative and culture products, interactive exhibit as a market at the outer square.

It is worth mentioning that SM Xiamen, together with TOP TOY, a trendy toy brand for the first time this year, have created a "cute island" with UMASOU, using Macaroon colors in an ingenious way to fabricate a warm and loving holiday atmosphere. SM Xiamen Phase III, welcome friends who enjoy life and fashion to visit together!

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