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Mr. Steven Tan is listed as one of the 2021 Asia's Most Influential




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Appointed in the calm before the storm, Shopping Center Management Corp President Steven Tan breaks past adversity as he leads the way for SM Supermalls.

When Steven Tan was appointed the new president of SM Supermalls in January 2020, many knew he was the man for the job. The position was, after all, a step up from his position as Chief Operating Officer — one he had handled with passion as he led the launch of SM’s foray into upscale malls. However, what no one knew was this: when Tan was appointed, a world-changing pandemic would unfold just one month later. 

As doctors and healthcare workers scurried to meet the volatile demands brought about by the virus, so too did the top executives from the nation’s corporations. However, Tan’s situation is by no means comparable to most. At the helm of the country’s largest string of shopping malls, Tan needed to manage Shopping Center Management Corp (SCMC) not just from a business perspective, but also from the lens of corporate social responsibility—one that valued health standards and public safety. 

Almost two years since Tan’s appointment, it’s clear that SCMC hasn’t just weathered the storm: it’s thriving, as seen by the untethered opening of Swedish shopping giant IKEA in partnership with SM. Through his business acumen and integrity, Tan’s young career as SCMC president has already left an indelible mark.

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Did you know?
Steven Tan began his career in hospitality management, working in Taipei and Shanghai hotels in his early years before returning home to the Philippines.

(Source from: Tatler Asia)

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