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SM China opens 2021 finale dream tour




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In December, the city is filled with the joy of the coming holidays, and SM shopping malls in China are warming up for the Christmas season. Since the epidemic prevention has become normalized, 2021 Christmas is more meaningful than ever.SM China is looking forward to giving all customers a dreamy journey in winter, capturing the joy of Christmas and New Year, and finding more brilliant future and boundless courage.

Concept innovation: creating a vitality and healing world

 SM City Xiamen & SM Lifestyle Center

In 2021, SM Xiamen has built a "plant-healing world" in the city center. SM makes a collision between business and modern agriculture, and constructs a "plant-healing workshop" in the mall with the ecological self-circulation system, where customers can enjoy a future farm full of technology and feel the infinite possibilities created by technology for agriculture.


Customers can adopt a plant of their own and participate in its growth, starting from seedlings, observing the growth process of plants and the endless power of life. They can also take pictures with Christmas display to gain lovely gifts, with the screen full of green to cure unhappiness.


The vocal band brought a fresh offline Acappella song. SM also joined hands with TEDx MXIS to gather children from eight international schools in Xiamen to bring a new inspiration from their perspective. In the follow-up activities, SM will also hold comedy festivals, public welfare fairs and other activities, so that healing is not only for Christmas, but also for life.


SM City Jinjiang

As a landmark shopping mall in Jinjiang City, SM City Jinjiang celebrated its 16th anniversary on November 26th. Standing at a new starting point and opening a new chapter with the new vitality ready to go.


Light is warmth and gives people the power of love. This anniversary & Christmas season, SM City Jinjiang uses the Christmas atmosphere of glittering lights to let customers feel the warmth of the holiday season: with gold color and lights as the main theme, an 8-meter-high Christmas tree brings customers a full holiday atmosphere, and there are also spots such as the Light Treasure Box and the Starlight Bridge debuting in the venue.


 SM City Tianjin

SM City Tianjin 's "Funny & Trendy Creation" Christmas season is dedicated to its 5th anniversary with an 800 sqms Christmas carnival.

The mall is transformed into the birthplace of mahjong funny creation. Mahjong candle handicraft, mahjong hand-painted bag experience, etc. to offer a non-stop joy and let customers enjoy the trendy fashion. Through diversified activities, the immersive festival atmosphere is created for the customers.

On November 13th, SM City Tianjin held a Christmas lighting ceremony and officially lit up the 12-meter high Christmas tree with a very creative "Domino" starter device. Male and female idol groups danced and sang together, the children's choir sang Christmas hymns, and the game "Battle for the Throne" was filled with laughter and joy. 


In addition, SM City Tianjin will also hold a long-prepared festival, 52-day long Christmas carnival, 800 sqms Christmas space and subsidiary gifts, as well as 5 major gifts for SM City Tianjin's 5th anniversary, once again creating new fun for the young customers in winter.


SM City Suzhou

For 2021 Christmas season, SM City Suzhou creates a unique Christmas experience for customers with the theme of “Super Mirth”.

The "Looking For Reindeer" activity combined with the Adventure Park-themed Christmas tree opened a Christmas fantasy journey for customers in a world of joy. Christmas-themed DIY activities, children's street dance competition, Christmas market and adoption activities, etc., a warm and beautiful Christmas song will be staged. 

Different outdoor facilities and single spaces are combined to form a complete space including sports, children's amusement and adult leisure function. Bright colors and different patterns add to the pleasant atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, creating an interactive and experiential public space for customers.


Immersive IP: writing a unique urban fairy tale

 SM City Chongqing

2021 is the ninth year that SM City Chongqing has been in Chongqing. In the Christmas season of 2021, SM City Chongqing has introduced the Cober Bear IP image to create a fairy-tale Christmas feast.

With the French artist Alix Poirier's Cober Bear as the main character, SM City Chongqing extends the design with four different scenes: Cober Bear wears a scarf and a Christmas hat at No.1 gate invites customers to travel through time; Cober Bear holds hot cocoa at No.3 gate to welcome a warm Christmas season; the atrium is a sweet Christmas village where Cober Bear holds a sweet stick candy, providing a cute and naive image. The decorations are mainly in the form of gas models, and the soft touch allows customers to get closer, as if they were in the warm hug of Cober Bear.


This time SM also introduced the concept of Christmas village for the first time, which is similar to the Santa Claus Village in Santa Claus' hometown of Finland, making Christmas no longer an abstract time, but more spatial, as if the Christmas village came to the mall. There is an interactive device to celebrate Christmas together, just press the button, customers can participate in the activities of celebrating Christmas together, with a small train full of gifts, to convey warmth, happiness and sweetness.


Meanwhile, starting from November 27th, Sweet Christmas Meeting with Cober Bear and Cober Bear Parade sending sweet candies and Christmas wishes to everyone are held every Saturday. These activities will make this winter day more meaningful.

SM City Chengdu

This year, SM City Chengdu introduced trend IP "PAN's Christmas Mobile Castle" first exhibition in China. The naughty and playful PAN is filled with candy and toys; laughter and happy blind boxes, leading the new trend of healing fashion.


Creative mobile castle and Christmas suitcase scene; Christmas forest composed of elk mirrors and Christmas trees; PAN elves in various costumes, over 10 meters high IP scene……All these create an immersive enjoyment of a different Christmas journey.


Activities such as Joyful DIY of Christmas House, Fantasy Music Show and Wish Postcard make customers feel like entering a lively Christmas town, giving them a real sensory experience and becoming their unforgettable Christmas memories.


SM City Zibo

5 elves - platypus babies and Wish Town are coming to SM City Zibo. This is also the first exhibition of platypus wishing Christmas in Zibo City.12m high tree house, 6m high inflatable platypus, colorful wish corridor, and super cute platypus are coming to the mall.


On November 13th, the Christmas band gave a carnival party, the romantic balloon rain came with gifts, and the platypus babies interacted with each other to light up Christmas!


The warm power of IP is restored to the real world. The appearance of the platypus baby and the cleverly designed interactive devices make up a warm fairy-tale world.

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