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SM Fox Fairy: Explore the Spirit of YOUNG Creation




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On November 23rd, 2021 China Commercial Experience Creation Festival hosted by Winshang kicked off in Shenzhen. Industry elites gathered together to explore " The Spirit of YOUNG Creation" that fits the Generation Z.

During the festival, "China Experiential Commercial Real Estate - Navigator Prize" was officially announced. Fox Fairy held in SM Xiamen Lifestyle Center and SM City Xiamen (The following are abbreviated as SM Xiamen) was awarded the "Super Dynamic IP Value of the Year" after professional evaluation and online voting.

Ms. Vivian Chen, SAVP- Marketing of SM China, received the award on behalf of SM

In recent years, under the influence of the new consumption wave, the business ecology is becoming more and more "young". SM Xiamen is keenly aware of this cultural trend and focuses on the unique and topical IP in China——Fox Fairy.

Since the launch of this Tencent's exclusive animation, its popularity index has reached 17 billion, creating 9.5 billion animation hits, which can be described as one of the top national comics. Its circle of fans reaches the new generation, urban white-collar workers and small families which cherish life quality. This is also highly compatible with the new customer group that SM Xiamen attracts. Therefore, SM Xiamen formally introduced this popular animation at the end of July this year, and created China's first Fox Fairy themed touring exhibition - "Fox Fairy " (for two months), delivering an innovative output.

Through the creation of three-dimensional animation scenes, this campaign broke through the flat animation images, deeply reproducing the original story, and fully integrating SM's business atmosphere and tenant brands, connecting SM Xiamen Lifestyle Center and SM City Xiamen. The immersive experience of "IP + Real Scene" has not only made SM a popular spot for many fans of national animation, but also created lots of social topics, and successfully attracted the attention and visits of young families.

Carrying the vision of "Better Life", the exhibition timely integrated the customs of Chinese Valentine's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, and extended various cultural interactions such as COSPLAY pop-up, national culture stage play, Tushan Wishing Festival, interactive games, etc., exploring the cultural heritage under the trend with the public and enriching traditional Chinese culture.

In this cooperation, SM Xiamen and Tencent Animation fully took the advantages of promotion resources: invited the new generation idols, animation KOLs to strongly support the campaign, which precisely reached animation and national culture fan. It even broke through the animation circle to achieve full customer coverage.  During the period, the campaign promotion reached more than 5 million people and the total passenger flow exceeded 4.1 million.

When a hundred boats compete, the "brave" one will be the first; when a thousand sails compete, the "innovative" one will win. In the future, SM will continue to explore marketing upgrades to get closer to the current diversified lifestyle and individual emotional demands.

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