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SM Join hands to manage a victory over the epidemic




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September, as we can imagine, should be a beautiful time of the year with fragrant flowers, family reunion and journey... However, in some places of Fujian, all had been interrupted due to the eruption of the epidemic. The increasing number of daily cases has drawn the greatest attention from the nation. It has also made SM colleagues who are providing daily life support keep a thought in mind: “Everyone must get involved in the action”.
Since the beginning of the eruption, SM Xiamen and SM Jinjiang have been actively responding to the government's call. All staff stick to their posts and carry out every details. We truly believe that once we unite every guardian power can make a better tomorrow!

City-wide nucleic acid test: To provide an orderly and comfortable testing site
In order to support the demand for whole citizens’ nucleic acid test, we assisted the government to set up nucleic acid testing sites in SM Xiamen and SM Jinjiang respectively, helping the front-line epidemic prevention personnel to carry out voluntary work and ensuring the order of sampling.
Besides, SM’s tenants on site spontaneously provided cool drinks for citizens queuing in the hot weather, making people feel a sense of care and love.

Epidemic-free malls: One customer with one heath code and temperature measurement

The mall is an open space. For effective prevention and control, SM Xiamen and SM Jinjiang implement strict temperature scanning system at the entrance and exit of the malls, and provide necessary epidemic prevention equipment (masks, disinfection alcohol and other items) for customers to use.

At home at ease: Safely deliver take-out for people confined at home

During the epidemic, most people prefer to stay at home and therefore the demand for take-out was surging too. In the face of this situation, SM malls in Fujian provided safety cards for those F&B tenants and ensured safe take-out service from food production to delivery, so that customers can enjoy food at home without worrying!

Disinfection in place: Only careful and repeated measures can ensure safety

A safe shopping environment definitely requires more careful and repeated disinfection work. SM sanitary team disinfects those frequently-touched areas, such as escalator handrails, restroom door handles, at least 4 times a day, providing a safe and comfortable environment.

Scientific vaccination: Vaccination is an effective solution

In the early stage of vaccination, SM have already taken precautions. All malls in SM China organized their employees to vaccinate and wore the pins of "OK! Shopping safely" for employees who had been vaccinated. For those stores where 100% of the employees had been vaccinated, SM posted signs of "OK! Shopping safely" at the door. We believe that scientific epidemic prevention is the first step to victory.


During the upcoming National Day holiday, all SM employees will continue to stand at their posts to build a defensive line and create a safe and secure shopping environments. Unity is strength. We believe Xiamen and Jinjiang, where people are working together to tide over the difficult times, will soon be free of the epidemic.
When the epidemic is over, SM will share the merry gathering moment with you in the coming days!

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