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A new landmark of new town: SM Xiamen Maluan Bay project officially started construction




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On March 27th, the roar of machines in the west wing of Xiamen "Golden Bay" marked the official groundbreaking of SM Xiamen Maluan Bay project (SM Maluan Bay). This is another "new life city complex" launched by SM China to implement its development strategy of “stepping into one city, rooting in one city”, and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Groundbreaking ceremony scene

SM Maluan Bay has a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan, planning to build a new commercial project with a GFA of more than 140,000 sqm. Its commercial area is about 96,000 sqm, distributed on 4 floors above and 2 floors below.

SM Maluan Bay project appearance perspective (planning display, does not represent the final landing effect)

One-stop service, 

bring a high-quality new life

Situated at the west portal of Maluan Bay, SM Maluan Bay project is located in the center of the residents' living area, close to hospitals, schools, high-tech parks, biomedical parks and other projects. As one of the few commercial planning sites in this area, it will meet the diversified needs of surrounding residents and office workers, further radiate the whole Maluan Bay area.

SM Maluan Bay project’s surrounding area perspective

According to the plan, SM Maluan Bay will highlight the characteristics of "warmth, fashion, leisure, fun, assembly, culture and banquet", integrating "boutique supermarket, fashion trend, entertaining recreation, children theme, culture education, food and beverage, and life experience" to create the wonderful landmark of the bay area for the residents.

Three-dimensional traffic lines,

provide a zero-distance connection

SM Maluan Bay project is equipped with about 1,000 standard parking spaces, and the bus stop of Maluan Bay Hospital is set on the north side. Its two-story underground business district is directly connected with the Lindi station of Metro Line 6 through the underground passage. In the future, it will fully mobilize all kinds of traffic security, so that customers can enjoy a fast and convenient shopping experience.

Overhead view of SM Maluan Bay project (planning display, does not represent the final landing effect)

As an emerging Golden Bay Area in Xiamen, the commercial potential of Maluan Bay is unlimited. In the future, the entry of SM Xiamen Maluan Bay into the market will bring upgrading and innovation to the business of the area, and also inject more vitality into the urban life of residents.

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