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2024 "Powered by Nature, Powering the Future" Science & Art Exhibition Opens in Xiamen




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The 2024 "Powered by Nature, Powering the Future" Science & Art Exhibition, initiated by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), co-present by SM Supermalls China, WWF, One Planet Foundation (OPF), and Art&Science Research Center, opened in SM Xiamen Phase III, July 6th.

Opening Ceremony

Taking SM Xiamen as its initial stop and making its debut in Fujian Province, this exhibition tour is the first of the series of 2024 China Climate Action Week (CCAW) open free towards the public till August 4th. Featuring at science, art and interaction, it is a treasure trove of various local and foreign artists’ compositions, installations made by the living microorganism, and the creations focused on renewable energy and green lifestyle. The exhibition was selected for the China National Arts Fund.

Free open to the public

These works of art transmit the concepts of caring for nature, treasuring the beauty of nature and revering the power of nature. For instance, Liu Tong, a paper-folding artist holding Guinness world record book, attends the exhibition tour with his classic masterpiece "Rhino" created from paper without cutting or pasting. The installation artist Xi Min, presents artworks like "Denim Swallow and Koi Kite", "Giant Denim Cats, Lucky & Richie" and "Denim Dotty Mushrooms" from recycled jeans and other stuff.

Rhino by LIU Tong

Denim Swallow and Koi Kite by XI Min

Giant Denim Cats, Lucky & Richie by XI Min

Two chapters "Symbiosis-Challenge" and "Symbiosis-Rebuild" are well-designed based on the theme of renewable energy, revealing the climate challenges the humanity faced as well as the possibilities ignored in social development, so as to call for the society’s attention to the renewable power of nature and how to rebuild harmonious ecological system by innovative technologies.

Artworks from Natural Materials

The perfect integration of art and environmental protection offers interesting scientific knowledge and inspiration to the public. This tour also brings the low-carbon installations made from special materials, such as the "Mondrian in Nature - Art of Reindeer Lichen", the "Mycelium Ball" installation and mycelial construction materials, "Low-Carbon Clothing of the Future" made by bacterial cellulose, the home interior design "Seaweed Table 2.0" using recycled seaweed as raw materials, etc.

Mycelium Ball by PostHabitat Design, Art & Science Research Center

Low Carbon Clothing of the Future by T.C.H.Fashion

At the opening ceremony, Pei Tong, the Secretary General-designate of OPF, emphasized that in this summer, the northern region is experiencing a heatwave, while the southern region is facing heavy rainfall. The country is being hit by extreme weather conditions, highlighting the urgent need to address climate change. This exhibition is not only a convergence of art and science but also a crucial opportunity to raise public awareness about climate change and renewable energy. OPF is actively responding to the CCAW initiative launched by WWF, and is calling on all sectors of society to join the climate action.

PEI Tong, Secretary General-designate of OPF

Kaye Natalie Lim, Head of SM Supermalls China - Operations, stated that since its foundation, SM Group has continuously explored and implemented sustainable development through various fields, with its corporate social responsibility arm, SM Cares. "As 2024 China Climate Action Week's Strategic Partner, SM Supermalls China will fully give play to the online and offline channel strength, and through this brilliant exhibition and interactive installations, we aim to encourage more people to voluntarily join in the protection of our planet."

Kaye Natalie Lim, Head of SM Supermalls China - Operations

The exhibition will successively tour in Tianjin and Chengdu from August to October.

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