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SM City Yangzhou Opens on September 28




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SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), one of the leading integrated property developers in Southeast Asia, opened SM City Yangzhou, its 91st mall in the globe, Thursday, September 28, 2023.

Born as new important market in eastern Yangzhou

SM City Yangzhou faces the Grand Canal and lies within the Guangling New City, the key developing areas of municipal “one body two wings” strategy. It is adjacent to over 20 mature communities, radiating more than 300,000 residents. Its nearby expressway network provides city-wide public transportations, the province-wide passengers may also spend around eight minutes to reach the mall from Yangzhou East Railway Station. Additionally, a cross-Canal bridge is under construction, making the mall more accessible for people who live in the opposite bank of the Canal.

The mall is the commercial part of the 380,000-sqm SM Yangzhou Complex (composed of residences, office and shopping mall, marking the first stop of SM Group’s entry into Yangzhou City) with a total investment of around 1.1 billion yuan. The around 230,000-sqm SM City Yangzhou has over 60,000 sqm leasable area with three floors on the ground and two under the ground. Over 1,800 automobile parking slots (over 200 slots on the ground temporarily supported by government) as well as over 4,000 e-bike parking slots ground and underground are available for consumers.

Over the last 20 years, SM has taken significant efforts to be rooted in each city it has invested in. Taking “Xi Qiao Le Huo” (a compound phrase from Yangzhou’s local dialect, referring to local people’s fastidiousness and love for exquisite, healthy and sustainable lifestyle) as the opening slogan, SM City Yangzhou has its over 70% area being used for space environment creation. It addresses integrated malling scenarios, cross-industry experience and culture transmission beyond one-stop business, furthermore, to blossom into a landmark lifestyle complex in eastern Yangzhou.

Bloomed with an exquisite and joyful lifestyle

The zoning of SM City Yangzhou is primarily oriented towards young customers and young families, covering supermarkets, fashions, F&B, children, sports and wellness, hobbies and leisure etc. The brands the mall introduced puts an emphasis on the integration between commerce and entertainment experience, sports, technologies and arts, making it a destination for communities with different preferences and hobbies.

SM City Yangzhou opened with anchor brands. The 1,600-sqm Rucker Park, enters Yangzhou as a new benchmark of comprehensive chained sports brand bringing sports facilities and equipment supporting high-level large-scale athletic events here. As for Kids, SM City Yangzhou has StarBeni, a 1,500-sqm home entertainment center focusing on various children's amusement, integrating early education, kids’ retail, handicrafts, stage plays, and parent-child activity experiences.

Its first-entry brands are distributed at sports, entertainment, retails and catering. Notably, SM City Yangzhou has the first entry of Rusher Site – an around 1,200-sqm indoor bouldering space with routes designed by national and international famous route setters, taking Bulgarian Method as training system – into Jiangsu market. Meanwhile, the introduced brands including Hengdian Cinema, Nobody’s Comedy, Wow Colour, MJ Style, Starbucks Greener Store, No Yeye No Tea etc. are first-entries into Yangzhou City.

More first-entry brands will be launched at SM City Yangzhou: By Yangzhou City level, it will have Top Toy, Snow Miracle, Surpass Gym and HiPhi. Chongqing cuisine Yang Ji Long Fu (first in Jiangsu Province), Xinjiang cuisine Loulan (first in Yangzhou City), internet celebrated hot pot Zhi Xiao Guan and more catering brands will join and verify this dining destination.

Grown as the first seat of LOHAS and trendy culture

When SM first met Guangling District, it has developed deep spiritual connection with Yangzhou City, innovating while inheriting traditions. SM City Yangzhou, thus, joins hands with cross-industry resources and brands, presenting its original IP to consumers with memorable experience, embracing youth power with compound social space, getting creative from multiple dimensions and aspects.

SM City Yangzhou, in collaboration with artist Yuan Ye and sculptor Zhang Wenying to mount the premier exhibition of MOOYE and Meng Meng in Yangzhou. Taking the various emotions of human, Yuan Ye makes the cat MOOYE in different postures to show the yearning and pursuit of people to LOHAS. While Zhang Wenying’s Meng Meng, with different facial expressions, play their role of healer coming along with the waves of the Grand Canal.

The mall keeps a close watch to young consumers, continuously cooperated with art institutions, culture centers, galleries and so on to merge arts, leisure, artists sharing, workshops into NID SPACE. The Beginning exhibition, the debut of NID SPACE, consists of works from 15 artists, calling for the independence, freedom, openness based on the tone of “wildness”, is welcoming every visitor to find their own beauties.

During the opening of SM City Yangzhou, the UAV performances, Pepsi Musical Festival, Dance Pop-ups are conducted; the internet-celebrated comedians are invited to perform at Nobody’s Comedy; the popular Monster Market and relaxing-life-themed Xi Qiao Market are open at the outdoor square and Central Alley respectively. Moreover, the rainbow canopy, the intangible cultural heritage craft installation, etc., will satisfy the demand of city-walkers and urban Dazis (activity partners).

As early as the warm-up of opening, SM City Yangzhou has promoted the new lifestyle ‘City Walk’, with ‘Xi Qiao’ trolleys street parade across Yangzhou landmarks and airship levitation inviting citizens to its opening… continuously attracting public concerns to it.

More wonderland out there to be explored

SM City Yangzhou customizes the services for its customers:

・ Based on the owned underground parking space, the mall has temporarily equipped with over 200 parking lots on the ground with the support of local government;

・ All customers can enjoy free parking during the opening. New SM members can enjoy one-year free parking with the successful membership registration;

・ The drop-off area at Entrance No. 2, 3 and 4 are set up to help consumers who visit here by taxi to reach the mall at the shortest distance possible;

・ The mall develops over 4,000 e-bike parking slots on and under the ground for citizens who prefer to go out with electronic bikes;

・ The mall has outdoor pet-walking space Pet Park where pets can run free;

・ Cooperated with famous fragrance brand to figure the exclusive scent, making our mallgoers feel more comfortable and cozier when malling;

・ The mall has nursery rooms on each floor of North Alley and smoking rooms on South Alley to facilitate special needs;


SM City Yangzhou serves its members with premium services including but not limited to rewards for new members, points redemption, coupons. From September 28 to October 06, members can earn multiple times of points per spent. We also have one-year free parking and regular customized salons and member events.

SM remains committed to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities, thereby enriching the quality of life of millions of people.

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