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SM Xiamen Phase III wins "2022 Best Architectural Design Award"




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SM Xiamen Phase III turned out to be the winner of "2022 Best Architectural Design Award" at the 11th GBE HOPSCA Forum held in Shanghai, March 17.

Mr. Joshua Tie, AVP-Construction, SM China, received the award on behalf of SM and delivered a speech on the Forum.

Commercial complexes newly-opened or completed before Y2023 in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are eligible to submit nominations to 2022 Best Architectural Design Award and will be judged from the dimensions of overall planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design. SM Xiamen Phase III was recognized as one of the five winners through the fierce competition of given its comprehensive performance.

As an extension project of SM Xiamen Complex located in the geometric center of Xiamen Island, SM Xiamen Phase III, invested CNY 800 million, has a total construction area of nearly 170,000 square meters, including a shopping center opened in December of 2022, an 18-storey hotel (under construction) and more than 1,000 parking lots.

SM Xiamen Phase III was designed based on the natural conditions of Xiamen (also known as "Egret Island"), taking its special landscape pattern of mountains, waters and islands as the features and reflected by sculpture, pavement, ecosystem and other elements, from the perspective of landscaping.

"Be enthusiastic, untrammeled and aggressive, just like the feather and crest of the phoenix; be elegant, pleasant and leisurely, just like an ingenious poem." The famous sculpture artist Qin Ling, using the language of art and technology, presented a large outdoor sculpture "Summer Flower" with unique Xiamen factors for the opening of SM Xiamen Phase III.

Inheriting the consciousness of SM Xiamen Complex, the indoor and outdoor space of SM Xiamen Phase III integrates green, leisure and social elements with interest and creation, from the perspective of architectural design.

Sky corridors were built between Phase III and Phase I or II for a closer connection for "City in the City", and improve the sense of level. It also presents a more multi-dimensional, interesting and impressive building body and public space.

In terms of interior design, SM Xiamen Phase III is presented with bright lighting and well-arranged floors, reflecting the atmosphere of understated elegance. The inner space echoes its appearance, with spacious atrium skylights fully applying natural lighting. While the escalators are stacked in a crisscross manner, arranged with glass railings and clear storefronts, providing multiple and transparent display angles for stores and commodities.

Speech entitled "Design Empowers Modern Commerce" by Mr. Joshua Tie, AVP-Construction of SM China, delivered at the Forum. He shared the design concept of SM Xiamen Phase III from the standpoints of functionality, humanization, sociality, marketing and sustainability, empowering its market value and social value.

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