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Celebrate 2022 Christmas in 7 Cities with SM China




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SM China wholeheartedly invites people to celebrate 2022 Christmas season and enjoy wonderful time among seven cities, being deeply absorbed in this festive winter.

To more years of happiness and magical experiences with SM Supermalls!

NEWS!WAVE! @ SM City Tianjin

Technologies enrich happiness in life and empower Christmas season. SM City Tianjin celebrates its sixth birthday and Christmas season at the same time, spearheading urban "NEWS!WAVE!" with interaction of creative ideas and technological elements.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony   NEWS!WAVE! moves rapidly to start the exclusive winter adventure in Tianjin City. Christmas spirits together with UAV, brought dreamy dance performances with sincere greetings to the community and lit up a 12-meter tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree in SM City Tianjin, November 12th.

Thanksgiving Party   SM City Tianjin entertained the customers, especially young families, with wonderful talent shows, cozy parent-children activities and turkey-theme fashion design games, cooperated with children entertainment and education brands to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together in a shared feast.

Gatherfor Fun   Roll up! Come and join the Futuristic Tech Parade, Arena-of-Valor eSports games, Red Cape Run and numerous amusing events to relieve vexation and enjoy jubilation!

See with STAR RABBIT @ SM City Zichuan

In collaboration with STAR RABBIT, SM City Zichuan creates a vanward space with its own clout in an eye-catching decoration style.

Designed by ALPHART, STAR RABBIT was born from the intention of "See the World with Stars" with the tremendous power of art design, trendy culture and Chinese spirits to show a world full of infinite possibilities. The character star is homophonic to character heart in Chinese. The adorable STAR RABBIT uses its cocked ears and star-shape eyes to see the world with heart, to constantly ferment, derive and inherit the modern artistic lifestyle as well.

As STAR RABBIT's first exhibit in Zibo, SM City Zichuan sets up three scenarios to bring consumers unique shopping experience by creating adventurous immersive and interactive space.

To build a sense of the future with cyber photoelectric effect and present a cross-dimensional space different from the reality, the display is divided into three parts so as to make an Omni bearing interactive scene. While fabricating the cross-dimensional experience, the STAR RABBIT themed displays provide visitors with ample viewing time plus excellent photos for online social media sharing.

HANGFOOK Brings New Year's Hope @ SM City Chengdu

2023 New Year Day in both solar and lunar calendar is coming along with the cold winter. SM City Chengdu join hands with HANGFOOK – Thinking's Rabbit to mount this IP's premiere in China to set a mood of warmth and healing, express wishes for affection and happiness, and pray for bright prospects in the coming year of 2023 (Year of the Rabbit) with local people.

HANGFOOK means happiness in Cantonese. SM City Chengdu blew up an 11-meter high HANGFOOK rabbit inflatable model outside the mall to attract the community to photography and interaction. Citizens are encouraged to come and visit different rabbit-theme interactive installations at mall entrances to get new year blessings and feel the heartbeats of merriness.

Besides HANGFOOK, Santa Claus and bunny elves are invited to gather and spend happy hours with children and residents through various offline events. Likewise, for online interaction, limited co-brand digital art collections gallery, scratches and bonus gifts are open for customers.

A Journey of Christmas Dream @ SM City Chongqing

As of the December of 2022, adhering to the service tenet of "All for you", SM City Chongqing has served its community and tourists who travel to Chongqing City for ten years. A decade, a milestone. This winter, SM City Chongqing commemorates the intimate, oneiric but significant Xmas season in association with Bling to create a comfortable space for shopping and leisure.

Lissome inflatable house is a private space for Bling. Colorful Christmas trees and enchanting flowers are planted in the secret garden. Bling is sitting at the center of the yellow flower, with eyes closed and smiled to the sun, as if imagining a better future and conveying the positive energy to people who have just experienced the lockdown of the epidemic.

Urban camping is popular in the year of 2022 because people who live in the city are aching to escape the busy life and step close to the nature. Let us pitch the tent and string holiday lights to party!

It is just like entering Bling's Xmas Paradise when people are in the mall. The decorative plants and floating festival balloons and candies, Bling and her friends in hopscotch court, all these displays and scenarios spontaneously make mall's visitors smile.

It is a dreamlike Christmas as well as a milepost for SM City Chongqing, which means a memorable past ten years and an anticipated next ten years.

Floral Wonderland @ SM City Suzhou

When it comes to the lower temperature in winter, thick clothes are eagerly welcomed coupled with the first snow and Christmas season. This year, SM City Suzhou brings the community to a Flowering Wonderland with blooming flowers and great vitality.

Gorgeous flowers chase the light as well as warmth and spread pleasure to the citizens. During the Christmas season, an endless parade of Yule band performs, hip-hop dance staging, children's chorale and The Nutcrackerto ring in a new beginning.

The vibrant decoration inside and outside the mall is in different shape of blooming flowers that spill through the internal display and external elevation.

FUN Lab @ SM City Jinjiang

Magic lends coziness and cheer to the city. Painted in Christmas red, SM City Jinjiang builds its denizens a 9-meter high magic castle – Fun Lab, installed with interesting interaction devices ornamented with decorative pipelines and vessels, gift boxes and Christmas lights. Everyone who comes here can instantly turn into a laboratory technician and achieve happiness factors through the device. Meanwhile, anyone who walks through the Anywhere Door will be on the fast track to felicity.

Let us make fun together! Cooperated with local science and technology museum, SM City Jinjiang invites consumers to explore and experience the magic of science. Combined with children art exhibition to treasure curiosity, the mall acknowledges the special Noel Party at its 17th anniversary.

UMASOU's Christmas Adventures @ SM Xiamen

This Christmas, SM Xiamen partners with TOP TOY to build up a sugary, dreamy but indestructible island to announce season's greetings, since its new member SM Xiamen Phase III's opening is scheduled on December 18th.

Let us join UMASOU to start the sweet Christmas adventures at SM Xiamen!

Bashful UMASOU holding a crystal ball filled with Christmas gifts in her cute fingers is waiting for her friends to come and walk through the marvelous Forest Fairy Tale from this gentle and warm place side by side.

The candy-colored tree house and fantastic lightings are intertwined to steer audacious warriors in colorful armor to pass through from the skywalk to Phase III.

Families that stick together would remain tight. SM Xiamen Phase III is about to open during Christmas season and will be a station of UMASOU's adventures. It is a young zone of freedom along with more fashionable, experiential and interesting brands and anticipated exhibitions.

The well-orchestrated themed exhibition "PRORE-GRESS" at SM Xiamen Phase III consists of three chapters: Indigenousness and Exoticness, Art and Crossover, Trial and Pioneer. It starts on December 18th, 2022 and goes on to the spring of 2023.

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