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Display Innovation: SM China Won 2 Golden Light Awards




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In October, the 5th Golden Light Awards were officially announced. SM City Chengdu won Golden Light Award – Innovation Excellence for "PAN's Mobile Castle". SM China was awarded Golden Light Award –Annual Excellent Marketing Team based on its 20 years of marketing strength and continuous innovation.

PAN's Moving Castle is a main installation of 10-meter height and romantic macaron color. The spinning bamboo dragonfly "landed on the earth's surface", bringing a "space energy station" full of blessings. Childlike Pan was integrated with the Christmas and New Year's vibes to create a warm world.

In addition, SM City Chengdu also created immersive scenes such as PAN's Fashion World, PAN's Suitcase, PAN's Gift Factory, etc., with different kinds of costumed PAN elves, guiding people through the lively "Fairy Tale Town"!

The overall artistic design of "PAN's Mobile Castle" was selected after a comprehensive evaluation of story, culture, art, interaction, safety and cost.

At the same time, the judges highly recognized the professional level of SM China's 7 cities' participating projects. After comprehensive evaluation on market development, team cohesion, and innovative execution by the organizing committee and the professional jury, SM China was presentedAnnual Excellent Marketing Team.

It is reported that the fifth Golden Light Award is one of the most authoritative and professional recognition in the field of commercial display now, which attracted 363 projects around China to participate.

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