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SM is listed on Annual Top Enterprises in China’s Retail and Commercial Industry




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On June 4th, 2020 Linkshop Conference, along with Linkshop Annual Award Ceremony, was held in Hangzhou, China. With outstanding marketing performance, SM Xiamen x White Rabbit Christmas Campaign is awarded 2019 Annual Innovative Marketing Events in China’s Retail and Commercial Industry. Ms. Vivian Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President-Marketing for SM China, received the award on behalf of SM.

SM Xiamen x White Rabbit Christmas Campaign won the award

Presented by Linkshop, the largest information platform of China’s retail industry, the annual list of Top Enterprises in China’s Retail and Commercial Industry covers various categories of commercial projects operations, project marketing, and outstanding person of the industry, etc. Among them, the 2019 Annual Innovative Marketing Events in China’s Retail and Commercial Industry were firstly selected based on the excellent marketing activities from Y2019 and the first quarter of Y2020 by industry representatives, then elected the final candidates through experts’ evaluation, where 2019 White Rabbit Christmas Season Activities in SM Xiamen was honored to be one of the listed under the strict evaluation on three dimensions: Independent innovation on marketing, online and offline influence and performance on commercial effectiveness.


Ms. Vivian Chen (the seventh from right in the picture), SAVP-Marketing for SM China, received the award on behalf of SM

During the Christmas season in 2019, cooperated with White Rabbit, ‘National milk candy’ brand, SM Xiamen presented SM Xiamen x White Rabbit Christmas Campaign with the theme ‘Nice to Meet You’, where the word ‘to’ shares similar pronunciation with Chinese character of rabbit. This encounter that is filled with six decades of growth and sweet memory not only greatly delivered new concept of city life, but also deeply connected with consumers’ sweet emotion. This is the first White Rabbit Exhibition in Christmas version in China,as well as the first trans-industry offline show of White Rabbit in Fujian Province.

On November 9, 2019, with the lighting ceremony on Super Nice White Rabbit Christmas Tree in SM Lifestyle Centre and the open ceremony on Super INS-style White Rabbit Factory, this two-month project officially put on the stage.


The light-up of Super Nice White Rabbit Christmas Tree

A Y2019 family paradise brings fully sweetness and happiness, where Christmas tree that decorated with red, blue and white White Rabbit candy wrappers changed its outlook with the colorful light and seesaw, Marble Maze and other interactive devices were safely established. In addition, a sweet factory from 1959 recreated the scene of milk sugar processing, which attracted people to take pictures in the candy slide, ocean pool and milk sugar egg twisting machine, sharing the fabulous milky sweetness with Santa Claus. Meanwhile, White Rabbit pop-up stores warmly provided 60thanniversary sugar gift box and other derivatives, which triggered the childhood memory of milky candy.


Throughout the promotion of SM Xiamen x White Rabbit Christmas Campaign, popular social media including WeChat and The Little Red Book were widely used during the warm-up period and omnidirectional publicity were adopted through multivariate city advertising board, traditional media and social media during the activity period. As a consequence, the daily average passenger flow of SM Xiamen increased by more than 20%, and the passenger flow on New Year's day increased by more than 30%.


On-site interaction in Super INS-style White Rabbit Factory

In addition, SM Xiamen supported the tenants in increasing their sales through online and offline interactive entertainment. More concretely, SM Xiamen cooperated with Alipay and Koubei to carry out group buying activity of Double 11, where 46 tenants jointed this project and reached the total consumption of 700,000 Yuan. During the period from December 21 to December 25, SM Xiamen cooperated with Lianlian to carry out ‘2-Yuan pop-up store’ activity, where there were about 65,000 people on site and the new member of SM exceeded 15,000 people.


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