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SM Xiamen Complex Be Recognized as 5 Stars Shopping Malls




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December 19, 2019, SM Xiamen Complex was recognized as 5 Stars Shopping Malls for its outstanding performance in design and planning, facilities, operations and consuming experience by China Real Estate Association and Commercial Culture and Tourism Committee according to Evaluation Criteria for Shopping Malls.

5 Stars Shopping Mall Plate

Ms. Vivian Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President – Marketing for SM China received the certificate plate.

Ms. Vivian Chen, SAVP – Marketing for SM China(1st from left) received the plate on behalf of SM Xiamen Complex 

SM Xiamen Complex is located in the center of Xiamen Island with a construction area of more than 137,000 square meter and has 4 different phases which are under differentiated operations.

SM Xiamen Complex(sketch)

Being the first stop of SM – one of the largest integrated real estate developers in the Southeast Asia – in China that opened in 2001, SM City Xiamen was the first “one-stop” shopping mall in Xiamen. The mall has GFA (Gross Floor Area) of 128,000 square meters and since its opening on December 13, 2001, targeting at family-oriented customers, SM City Xiamen has best illustrated the idea of "one-stop" shopping, entertainment, dining, and leisure. It was set the record of average daily passenger flow of 120,000 and highest passenger flow of more than 500,000, and the brands also have great performance in SM, such as Wal-mart and Dior that rank first in South China, Watson that rank first in China.

SM City Xiamen

In 2009, the second project of SM Xiamen Complex, SM Lifestyle Center officially opened. It took the lead in introducing the concept of Lifestyle Mall in Xiamen and even in Fujian Province, targeting young, fashion, independent customers who focus on quality of life. It has many first-introduced brands of Fujian Province, brand service experience center, the exciting Wanda Dolby Cinema, professional beauty salon, home specialty store, convenient and private baby-care room, a hanging garden and great shopping environment.

In 2020, SM Lifestyle Center will reveal its new chapter after 10 years of operations with renovation in facilities, tenancy, operations, service, etc. Adhering to its positioning as a mid-to-high-end fashion and young customer, SM Lifestyle Center will appropriately increase the proportion of affordable luxurious brands, introduce more trendy retail brands and popular dining brands that customers prefer. This year, we already have Diantaixiang Hotpot, Coucou Hotpot, Nayuki’s Bla Bla Bar and Liliput that newly opened in SM.

SM Lifestyle Center 

As the third project of SM in Xiamen, SM Xiamen Phase Ⅲ is estimated to finish construction in 2021 and is planning to introduce high-end hotel, international boutiques, high-end supermarkets, fitness center, home decorations and children parenting brands to upgrade and enrich the whole SM Xiamen Complex. In the future, together with the planned SM Xiamen Phase IV, the SM Xiamen complex will become the largest one-stop shopping complex in Fujian Province.


SM Xiamen Phase III (sketch)

It is understood that the Evaluation Criteria for Shopping Malls for 2019 held three large-scale press conferences in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In addition to SM Xiamen Complex, there are dozens of industry representative projects such as Beijing Parkview Green, Beijing TaiKoo Li Sanlitun, Beijing Chaoyang Joy City, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, Shanghai L+ Mall, Guangzhou TaiKoo Li, etc. that presented the 5-Stars Shopping Malls Certificate and gain great attention and recognition from society and industry.

The criteria were set by Commercial Culture and Tourism Committee of China Real Estate Association and reviewed by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association. It is jointly prepared by the association and dozens of senior experts in the industry within 3 years and involves more than 3,000 professional contents, the criteria were published in November, 2018. The first Evaluation Criteria for Shopping Malls is an important standard for the commercial real estate industry while it comprehensively evaluates the mall's different indicators and also taking into account of the professionalism, authority, applicability and versatility.

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