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Renewing the city in the heart of the city: SM Xiamen Phase Ⅳ officially launch construction.




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At 10:00 a.m. on February 27, rotary drilling rigs started together with excavators on the east side of SM Xiamen Complex construction site; the main body of its office and commercial functions - SM Xiamen Phase IV project officially launched its 5-year-construction.

The site of the start of construction

SM Phase IV, with a total investment of 1.148 billion yuan, is planned to have five 15~19-story towers (excluding two underground floors), which are connected by a 5-story podium;

Its total construction area is over 260,000 square meters, including office area of nearly 120,000 square meters and commercial area of over 30,000 square meters, equipped with 1,643 parking spaces.

SM Phase IV overall perspective

SM Phase IV is located in the heart of Xiamen city - at the intersection of Xianyue Road and Jiahe Road, next to SM City Xiamen and directly opposite SM Lifestyle Center and SM Phase III.

The launch of its construction means the full development of the SM Xiamen Complex with a total GFA of about 670,000 square meters; a super complex that integrates life, social, entertainment and business is on the horizon.

Overhead view of the SM Complex in Xiamen

In addition to the SM Skywalk between SM City Xiamen and SM Lifestyle Center, the complex also has four "sky corridors" planned. Among them, three blocks will be directly connected from SM Phase IV to floors 2~5 of SM City Xiamen; one block will cross Jiahe Road to connect SM Phase III, which will open in 2022, directly to SM City Xiamen. It will transcend the traditional definition of commercial complex and create a number of commercial focal points for Xiamen, and even for Fujian as a whole, including building volume, distribution format, brand richness and customer flow; it will become a brighter commercial pearl in the center of Xiamen.

SM City Xiamen and SM Phase III "sky corridor" perspective

In addition, a 10,000-square-meter ground-level bus station is planned for the north side of SM Phase Ⅳ, which will provide more than 10 bus routes; the commercial part on UF 1of its south side will be directly connected to the subway entrance, and customers can also conveniently go to UF 1 of SM City Xiamen through it.

SM Phase Ⅳ north side bus station perspective

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