SM Little Stars, held by SM annually, is an influential public welfare event for children. It offers not only a competition stage but also a platform for children to express themselves and to leave great memories for them.

Since 2003, SM Little Stars have gradually covered Xiamen, Jinjiang, Chengdu, Suzhou, Chongqing, Zibo and Tianjin with upgraded influence and attracted thousands of children to participate. SM also joins hands with little stars to host various funny and beneficial activities which hope to raise children’s awareness on love and responsibilities.

Little stars for now, bright stars in the future!

  • “We are just like twin stars!”

  • “We are young and full of possibilities.”

  • A girl dances on the drum showing the beauty of Chinese art and culture.

  • An exciting night about dreams coming true

  • Bring our love and cares to everywhere. —charity bazaar for children’s happy home

  • Energetic and fashionable babies dance on the final stage.

  • Give you what we love, tell you what we care—charity bazaar for children’s happy home

  • Little boy introduces himself and shows his talent.

  • Lively and cheerful dance

  • More and more Chinese culture and tradition in the talent shows

  • The exciting auditions meet with many talented children.

  • The moment Ugly duckling becomes little swan

  • The most beautiful Egyptian court dance

  • The top 10—stars are born

  • We care, we gather together, we can be love messenger. —charity bazaar for children’s happy home

  • Wonderful individual talent shows in the finals

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